KUPAS was founded in 1991. From the beginning it specializes in the development, production and installation of playgrounds, sports equipment, gymnastic and sports equipment, park and garden architecture. This activity is the main program of the company.

A stable team of staff with years of experience, constantly developing new products, manufacturing in modern premises and a wide range of products guarantee that KUPAS products and services of our customers do not disappoint.

We can design and produce elements for gaming and recreation areas that meet all the requirements of safety, aesthetics, creativity and age-related categories of children and youth. Our wide range of products, along with individual approach to individual designs, guarantee to all customers that their requirements will be met to the very last detail. Whatever you like, you just have to choose.

KUPAS is also active in international trade. A large part of our assortment is destined for export to the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and other countries.

If you are looking for a reliable and reliable supplier of assortment for playgrounds, sports fields, city or park furniture, gyms, or park architecture products, are you right.



The bearing parts of wooden constructions are made of acentral, pressure impregnated rounded pine and spruce logs. Our wood processing method minimizes the natural formation of cracks from drying which cannot be prevented entirely. However, these are not the reasons for complaints, because according to the valid EN 1176 regulations, it does not limit the firmness or security and durability. The parts of wooden constructions embedded into the ground are standard delivered with a metal galvanised base. Other used types of wood include pine, spruce or oak. All the wooden parts can be surface treated by water glazing.


All the metal parts – accessories of the playing facilities – are galvanised or provided with the colourful powder coating - Komaxit.


The slides are usually delivered made of three-ply fibreglass with a special finishing, increasing the resistance to wear and tear. They are delivered including the anchoring components and fasteners. It is possible to deliver the slides made of stainless steel plate as well.


The Herkules quality – the ropes of 16 mm in diameter have a steel zinc core and are covered by special polyester impregnated coating with a high resistance to abrasion and UV radiation. KUPAS is an exclusive representative of BERGERHUCK, in Slovakia for the products of HUCK Seiltechnik – children‘s playgrounds.


The water resistant anti-skid plywood is the material used most for the house pedestals, staircases, shelters, treads for in-line skates etc. On request, some parts of the products such as the tower shields, shelters, spring swings etc., can be also made of the extremely resistant POLYSTONE or HPL plastic. Some parts of the sports facilities are delivered from this material even in the basic version.


The KUPAS Company is committed to protecting the environment during the production and distribution of their products to a maximum extent. The wooden waste from the production is turned into briquettes, which are then burned and the heat is used for heating the company offices as well as in other technological processes. All the packaging materials are recyclable and the used coating substances are water based. All the metal waste is disposed of at collecting centres. We prefer the wood and wooden-base semi-product suppliers holding the FSC certifi cate.

Our products are certified.

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specializes in the development, production and installation of children's playgrounds, sports facilities, gymnastic and sports equipment, park and garden architecture.


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