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KUPAS provides complete supply and installation of the children’s playgrounds and sports facilities, including transport to the end customer. The components are concreted in the ground or anchored in the reinforced surface) using the metal, zinc dipped bases so that the wood didn't get into direct contact with the ground - surface. The children’s playground surface has to accommodate the shock-absorption on the fall height according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If the customer is interested in a different form of installation, it is possible either in form of installation assistance, when the manufacture provides the chief fitter to manage the works or in the case of simpler equipment, DIY installation is possible as well.


In order to satisfy its customers as much as possible, KUPAS provides warranty for its products exceeding the common standards

  • 10 year warranty for the steel parts zinc dipped against rust
  • 10 year warranty for POLYSTONE plastic parts
  • 7 year warranty for the wooden constructions in terms of rot, mould and woodcutting fungi
  • 5 year warranty for rupture and material defects
  • 2 year warranty for other components subject to wear and tear

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by vandalism, improper installation, incorrect or insufficient maintenance, usual wear and tear. The condition for applying warranty is the demonstrable and unconditional adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance!


KUPAS provides warranty and post-warranty servicing for its products. In compliance with the EN 1176 standard, KUPAS performs any check-up and maintenance work and inspections (weekly, monthly, annual) as well as turnkey children’s playground and sports facility administration. A fast delivery of constantly available spare parts, usually within 72 hours, is a matter of course.

Main Annual Children's Playground Check

In compliance with the government regulation No. 349/2010 Coll., specifying details on technical requirements and procedures for assessment of conformity of amusement facilities, playground equipment and sports and recreational facilities, effective from 01/01/2011, children's playgrounds are included in the group of so called designated products. Placement on the market will be conditioned by the assessment of their conformity with the technical requirements of the standards. The regulation imposes an obligation on the children's playground operators to perform regular annual checks of their technical condition. KUPAS is certified by the German TÜV safety institute and meets the legislative requirements for this activity.

As a novelty, we started offering our customers the service of main annual children’s playground check.

This service includes:
  • Children's playground inspection
  • Check complying with the safety standards
  • Issue of the protocol on the check performed

Following the check, we will provide the operator with a certificate of the annual inspection. The price is determined based on the number of checked playground components. If you have any questions regarding the new service, please, feel free to contact us at: kupas@kupas.sk

Safety and Quality

When building a children’s playground, the safety of the playing kids comes first. The EN 1176 and EN 1177 European standards set out the safety requirements for the play equipment, testing, maintenance and installation thereof. Our products meet the requirements of the EN 1176 and EN 1177 standards for the children’s play equipment as well as the standards for the particular sports equipment, EN 1270, EN 14974.The products and manufacturing operation are regularly checked and certified by the TÜV renowned test facility. On installation, the play equipment has to be supplemented by the shock-absorbing flooring. The type and thickness of the flooring material is exactly specified in the standard, depending on the possible height of fall from the play equipment.

When buying the KUPAS products, our customers receive the installation guide, specifying the maintenance and check principles, including the list of spare parts. Every product is marked by an identification label.

We are happy to provide the prospective customers with the references of our implemented projects. The adjustments to the technical design of the equipment conditioned by development or change to the safety standards are reserved!


When manufacturing and distributing its products, KUPAS makes maximum effort to protect the environment. The wooden waste originating as a by-product is turned into briquettes which are used for heating of the corporate premises and in other technological processes. All the packaging materials are recyclable and the used coatings are water-based. The metal waste is handed over to the collection point.

Our company prefers wood and wood-based stock suppliers holding the FSC certificate.


specializes in the development, production and installation of children's playgrounds, sports facilities, gymnastic and sports equipment, park and garden architecture.


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